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Kwezi Collector’s Edition 4: Issues 10-12

Loyiso Mkize, Clyde Beech and Mohale Mashigo

ISBN 978-1-4856-2705-0

Format Paperback

Published December 2018

Mpisi has been working very hard to create an "anti-Super" campaign, while our team of heroes have been saving lives and helping Mamadou find his family. A show-down in the desert plus new supers are a mere distraction from what's actually happening in the pit. Mohao finally sees the prophecy of his people come true but realises that the story may have been distorted.

Is our team ready for "anti-Super" sentiments, new bad guys and a prophecy come true?

The Kwezi comics celebrate a young African superhero and is the first of its kind. Set in Gold City, a hustling Johannesburg-esque metropolis, this series is a standout graphic novel title on the African and international stage.

The Girl Without a Sound

Buhle Ngaba

ISBN 978-0-620-70329-1

Format Paperback

Published October 2018

As an act of restoring power and agency to young black girls in South Africa, this is a story about a voiceless girl of colour in search of a sound of her own. It provides a catalyst to remind young readers of the power of the sounds trapped inside them.

"...for the ones with moonlight

in their skin."


Albertina Sisulu Abridged Memoir Sindiwe Magona Elinor Sisulu New Africa Books David Philip Publishers New Release buy online

Albertina Sisulu: Abridged Memoir

Sindiwe Magona & Elinor Sisulu

Format Paperback & Hardback

Published August 2018

Albertina Sisulu is revered by South Africans as the true mother of the nation. A survivor of the golden age of the African National Congress, whose life with the second most important figure in the ANC exemplified the underpinning role of women in the struggle against apartheid. This abridged account of Sisulu’s overflowing life provides a fresh understanding of an iconic figure of South African history. This new memoir is written by Sindiwe Magona, one of South Africa’s most prolific authors, and Elinor Sisulu, writer, activist and daughter-in-law of Albertina.

In 1944 she was the sole woman at the inaugural meeting of the radical offshoot of the ANC, the Youth League, with Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Anton Lembede in the vanguard. Her final years were spent in an unpretentious house in the former white Johannesburg suburb of Linden. A friend said of her, "she treated everybody alike. But her main concern was the welfare of our women and children." This abridged account of Sisulu’s overflowing life provides a fresh understanding of an iconic figure of South African history. This new memoir is written by Sindiwe Magona, one of South Africa’s most prolific authors, and Elinor Sisulu, writer, activist and daughter-in-law of Albertina.

Mpumi's Magic Beads

Lebohang Masango with illustrations by Masego Morulane

Format Paperback

Published August 2018

Language Versions Available English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Xitsonga, Afrikaans, Setswana, Sesotho, Tshivenda,Sepedi

The beads jingle and jangle and sparkle. The girls giggle with glee! Mpumi and her friends discover magic in her hair and what begins as an ordinary school day in Joburg is suddenly full of adventure everywhere!


Mpumi’s Magic Beads is a delightful story about friendship, self-esteem, discovery and beautiful hair in the big city of Joburg. It follows the sudden adventures of Mpumi, Asante and Tshiamo as they see the world around them from new heights and realise all of the fun waiting to be discovered outside of their classroom. This story is a great read for the whole family, especially children aged between 5 – 10 years old.


Skin we are in

Sindiwe Magona & Nina G. Jablonski

Format Paperback

Published March 2018

Language Versions Available English, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Xitsonga, Tshivenda

When we meet someone, one of the things we notice is the colour of their skin. But what can someone’s skin colour tell us about them? Despite what some people say, your skin means very little! Inside we’re all the same. Join Njabulo, Aisha, Tim, Chris and Roshni as they discover why humans have different skins, and how people’s thinking about skin colour has changed throughout history. Skin we are in is a celebration of the glorious human rainbow, both in South Africa and beyond.

One of South Africa’s best-selling authors, Sindiwe Magona, has teamed up with well-known American anthropologist, Nina G. Jablonski, and award-winning illustrator Lynn Fellman to create a much-needed book about race and skin colour – for children. Magona has written a story of five friends as they explore and discuss the skin they are in. The scientific narrative, written by Jablonski, expands and supports the conversation topics generated by the children’s adventure.

Mother to Mother: Educational Edition

Sindiwe Magona

ISBN 978-1-4856-2292-5

Format Paperback

Published June 2015

In August 1993, Fulbright scholar Amy Biehl was killed in Cape Town by a group of black teenagers incited by an upsurge in 'anti-white' sloganeering. She died just a few metres away from Sindiwe Magona's house. One of the boys held responsible for the killing was her neighbour's son.

Mother to Mother takes the form of an epistle to Amy Biehl's mother.

Sindiwe Magona imagines how easily it might have been for her own son to get caught up in the violence of that day. She writes about their lives in a colonised society that not only allowed, but also perpetuated violence against women and impoverished black South Africans. The result is not an apology for murder, but an exquisitely written exploration of the lives of ordinary people in the apartheid years.

The educational edition includes and introduction and notes on the text by Gerald de Villiers.

‘…a tour de force’ – Andre Brink

Mother to Mother - School Edition_edited.jpg