Children's book celebrates local fishermen

Catherine Stock's children's book, Armien's Fishing Trip, is reissued by Meerkat Books.

Armien's Fishing Trip Catherine Stock New Africa Books

The illustrated children's book is set in the sleepy village of Kalk Bay, a seaside community that conjures images of bright fishing boats, noisy seagulls and delicious fish and chips. Since the 1850s, Kalk Bay harbour has helped the local fishermen in providing for their families. Many of the traditional fishermen that leave the harbour and head out to see every morning come from families that have been doing so for generations.

Armien's Fishing Trip celebrates this shrinking local profession. The children's book tells the story of a young boy who stows away on his uncle's boat when visiting the village. With trouble afoot on the stormy seas, Armien's quick thinking proves that he's not a little boy anymore. Originally published in 1991, this is a beautifully illustrated children's tale of adventure, excitement, family and hope. The book is being reissued in 2017 with a message that is as relevant as it was 25 years ago.

Catherine Stock is an award-winning author and illustrator who has experienced many different cultures first hand. Born in Sweden, she has lived with her family in France, England, South Africa, Hong Kong and the United States. She has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Cape Town and an MA from the Pratt Institute in New York.

Armien's Fishing Trip is published by Meerkat Books, an imprint of New Africa Books that specializes in high quality, full-colour books featuring stories that the children of Africa will recognize themselves in.

The book is available for purchase at all major bookstores and online from New Africa Books, Loot and Takealot.