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New Africa Books to reissue collection of Derek Bauer’s unapologetic cartoons

New Africa Books is proud to announce the reissue of S.A. Flambe and other Recipes for Disaster, a collection which records political cartoonist Derek Bauer at his greatest.

SA Flambe Derek Bauer

A bastion of the alternative press of the 1980s, the graphic activist was unapologetic in his depictions of apartheid stricken South Africa's political cast. Originally published at the tail end of apartheid, this is Bauer's first collection of blood-boiling cartoons.

As a critical cartoonist his drawings were gutsy and unforgiving and often the cause of controversy.

In September an exhibition of Bauer's original cartoons opened at the South African National Gallery. Journalist Janet Heard said, at the opening of this Bauer retrospective, "Bauer captured the horrific brutality that the apartheid state machinery inflicted on South Africans." His "grotesque caricatures" still maintain their relevance 23 years after democracy. 'Alternative Press' will be open for public viewing at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town until the end of May 2018.

New Africa Books is please that this important publication will be available not only to a new generation of readers, but also to a new readership, who want to find out first hand who Derek Bauer was and what he spent his life creating.

Bauer died in a car accident in 2001. His life's work is celebrated by the Derek Bauer Estate Edition, a project dedicated to his extraordinary talent and audacity.

The book will be available in early October.