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The everyday guide to successfully maintaining your own subsistence farm

At New Africa Books we are committed to a sustainable future. This not only reflects in the methods we use to publish our books but also in the content of the books themselves.

People's Farming Workbook

The People’s Farming Workbook offers helpful advice to all small farmers, or just those with a love for their veggie garden, on how to grow their own produce and keep livestock. The book places a special emphasis on keeping land healthy and fertile so that it can go on producing for generations and generations.

Originally published in 1995, this up-to-date edition offers innovative and practical advice for subsistence farming, which is as relevant now as when it was first published.  With helpful illustrations and interviews with small farmers, this is the perfect book for anyone with or without a touch of green fingers.

The book is available to purchase here.


Praise for the book

“This book can be justifiably regarded as a Bible of appropriate technology for self-sustainable rural development for Southern Africa and beyond” - Rural Development Forestry Network

“This book, particularly in the form it has been produced, deserves to play a significant role in the reconstruction of South Africa” - Cape Times